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Our Story

Our Program



Our Guarantee

Our Story

Our Program



Our Guarantee

Our Story

Our Program



Our Guarantee


From Pastor to Homeless Entrepreneur…

Hi! Russell here, co-founder of Coaching Fuel.

About 10 years ago, David and I quit our jobs to chase our entrepreneurial dreams.

I was about to become a pastor at a megachurch…

David was a manager at a newspaper…

We met at a party at my ex-girlfriend’s house and started a business together two weeks later. ’Cuz that’s a normal thing to do with someone you just met, right?

Anyway, I went from a stable job to living out of my car…

David went from being second-from-the-top at his job to needing government assistance for survival with his wife and daughter…

Long story short… We failed. A lot.

  1. We ran a screen printing business out of a garage we rented and worked 18- to 24-hour shifts to keep up.
  2. We lost our minds.
  3. We died.
  4. The end.

(Just kidding about those last two…)

We sold our screen printing company because we were tired of sweatshop labor and acquired a neglected marketing agency that had a great name but zero revenue and cannonballed into the pool of marketing with little-to-no experience.

After some serious investments in mentorship, we went from zero clients to working with more than 100 small businesses; within 18 months we went from zero in revenue to bringing in multiple seven-figures…

We broke industry records, earned our clients hundreds of millions of dollars via our ad campaigns, and ran a business that got to work with big names like Southwest Airlines, RedBull, and Google.

How we Got Into Coaching…

But we soon got bored helping big businesses get bigger and thought… “What if we took our business and marketing knowledge and used it to help people who can make a positive difference in this world?”

And that is what led us into coaching.

Now we get to apply everything we’ve learned running a multiple 7-figure business to help coaches quit their jobs so they can go full-time as a coach, doing what they feel called to do!

We get to help you fire your boss and step into your dream of coaching, all while giving you the guidance and support we wish we had when we made the leap more than 10 years ago.

It’s a pretty cool gig, to be honest.


There is a 93% chance you’re not earning 6-figures as a coach…

In the Full-Time Coach Accelerator, we will fix that

The vast majority of online coaches are stuck between $0 and $5,000 a month. Only 7% of coaches will ever experience the thrill of surpassing six-figures annually.

How is it possible that people who hold the keys to life-changing transformation are struggling to earn a six-figure income?

When gardening, you can plant a perfectly good seed in the wrong season and it won’t grow.

The same is true when gardening a coaching business!

So many startups come out of the gate planting seeds like…

  • A Website
  • Books
  • Funnels
  • A Podcast
  • Social Following

And their business just doesn’t grow.

Success in business is just like gardening. There is a process for growing an idea into a profitable business. It isn’t random, and it doesn’t happen just by working really hard.

So why are 93% of coaches not able to get the leads, customers, or cash flow they need to break six figures?

The answer: Two things.

  1. They are doing too many things, in the wrong order, and at the wrong time
  2. They are not clear on who they are serving or what their clients need to purchase

As a result, they are working hard, feeling overwhelmed, getting nowhere, and missing powerful opportunities to be the change this world so desperately needs.

Now, it’s not their fault. The internet is full of “gurus” selling false promises in the form of quick-fixes telling coaches they need…

  • A podcast
  • A fancy website
  • A massive social following
  • A fresh logo and brand
  • Ads
  • Email automation
  • Complex funnels
  • Or some other fly-by-night marketing fad

The reality is all of these things can be awesome… but they won’t serve you until you have a powerful foundation in place.

Like I said, you can plant the right seed in the wrong season and it will not grow!

How the Full-Time Coach Accelerator program helps coaches crush it

The Full-Time Coach Accelerator is a 12 week business mentorship program that offers one-on-one support, accountability, and guidance to help you create more clarity, confidence, customers, and cash flow without a bunch of empty marketing solutions that don’t work!

In fact, unlike the gurus out there who make promises and take your money whether what they sold you works or not… We do not stop supporting you until you win.

Yes, we are serious.

In Full-Time Coach Accelerator, we teach you the eight core strategies that drive a six-figure coaching business and exactly how to implement them so you can:

  1. Attract more leads
  2. Nurture those leads from cold to hot
  3. Convert those leads into paying clients
  4. Deliver top-quality coaching products

Do you have a clear and effective plan for each of these areas that is working right now?

The Full-Time Coach Accelerator teaches you how to maximize each of these pillars so you can have all the clients you need coming in month after month to sustainably grow your business year after year.


Whether just starting out, or looking to scale, the Full-Time Coach Accelerator program can help…

But I don’t have a following…

With only a few hundred of the right followers (i.e. ideal potential clients), you can earn a six-figure income. In the Full-Time Coach Accelerator we’ll teach you how to attract and convert clients, even if you have zero following today.

But I don’t know what I’d do as a coach…

That’s why we have devoted the entire first part of the Full-Time Coach Accelerator to helping you get clear on who you’d help, how you’d help them, and the transformational results you can deliver.

But I’m not a certified coach…

Knowing how to coach people is great, but it won’t help you build a successful business. Ultimately, the only thing that will contribute to your success as a coach is whether you can help someone improve their life, business, health, or relationships. Do you need to be certified in order to do this? Oftentimes, no.

But I don’t know if I have enough time…

When you are following a step-by-step roadmap and know exactly what you need to do and when, you can get more done in less time. To get the most out of the Full-Time Coach Accelerator program, you will need to devote a minimum of 12 hours a week to the program – less time than the average Netflix user spends watching Netflix each week.

But can’t I just do this on my own?

YES. You totally can. After all, that’s what we did. But by engaging in a program like the Full-Time Coach Accelerator, you will accelerate your progress toward your goal and avoid the 5+ years of struggle we endured as we were trying to figure it out on our own (before we finally broke down and got some mentorship that enabled us to build a multiple 7-figure business).

But I’m not sure if I can afford a program…

The most valuable resource you are in possession of right now isn’t money… it’s time. And you’re spending it every second of every day. The Full-Time Coach Accelerator program is designed to save you time – your most precious resource – on your journey to making more money as an online coach. Consider the value in hitting your income goal in 3-5 months as opposed to 3-5 years. Can you afford that much time?


Check out some of our client’s results and feedback…


Our Promise to our Full-Time Coach Accelerator Family…

The whole reason I do this work is because I believe coaches have one of the most important jobs out there.

As a coach you have a calling to shape hearts and minds with truth, hope, love, and breakthrough & the world needs the medicine and message you have.

As a business mentor I also have a calling, to act as a bridge to help connect coaches like you with as many hearts and as many minds as possible.

You’re a vehicle of transformation and I get to be the gas that fuels you forward.

(With my voice alone I could reach millions… But by using my voice to help others find their voices, we could reach BILLIONS.)

Who’s down for that?

It’s my dream to look behind me and see a tribe of coaches impacting lives with their voice… And to know I got to be a part of that.

This is important work to my team and I and so we SHOW UP fully.

We are wholeheartedly committed to you winning.

We promise to not let you cut corners, call you forward, and hold you to your highest.

Our GUARANTEE FOR YOU is this: We will not stop working with you until you hit your first (or next) three high-paying clients and you can confidently continue to create as many clients as you want over and over again.

(As long as you do the work, of course.)

We are mentors and our job is to mentor you into success. If you don’t succeed then we didn’t do our job. Fair enough?

Don’t build your business alone!

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