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“OK, I watched the video…”

It’s sounding good.

I want to be able to Capture, Close, and Coach clients at scale…

All through systems that support me…

So I can enjoy more Income, Impact, and Freedom.

I want a step-by-step plan of exactly what to do…

And I want one-on-one support as I work the plan…

So I can hit multiple six- or even seven-figures…

In an aligned way that doesn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed.

But… I have some questions…

If this sounds like you, complete the application form below and pick a date and time for us to chat…

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“What’s this going to cost me?”

We aren’t cheap… but that’s because we’re good at what we do.

Would you really want a dollar store 2-for-1 special when it comes to the marketing that will fuel your business?

Didn’t think so.

Plus, we can work with you on a payment plan if needed.

Once you partner with us, all you need is a modest monthly ads budget to kick things off…

And we have strategies to help you fund your initial ads with no money out of pocket.

Plus, when you put a dollar into ads and get 2, 4, or even 7 back… Spending money on ads starts to be real fun.

But ultimately, what’s the alternative solution to grow your business to $30k, $50k, or even $80k and beyond?

Launch a bunch of products? Maybe a subscription offer? Launch a podcast? Post social content 24/7? Some new lead magnets? Try to build a funnel? Figure out ads yourself?

Or maybe you hire a bunch of random people who know how to do that stuff and hope that once the puzzle pieces come together, you get a complete picture?

All this will take you years to successfully pull off… all to (hopefully) accomplish what we can create for you using a proven system and a unified strategy that doesn’t require you to sign your life away…

If time is money… then figuring it out on your own is 10x more expensive than we are.

“How long does it take?”


If you’re super clear on your niche (who you coach and the result you promise them), and if you already have a high-ticket coaching program…

We’ll help you refine everything so it can scale and get to work building your marketing system straight away… meaning we could launch your ads within weeks and start delivering results immediately.

That’s what’s awesome about paid advertising. We launch today, you see results within hours.

But if you’re not super clear on your niche, or if you don’t already have a high-ticket coaching offer, we will help you dial in those things first.

That could take a few days or a few weeks, depending on your experience as a coach.

Then we jump in and get to work.

But we aren’t like the “other guys” that launch your funnel in a month or two and then walk away, leaving you with sub-par results and a funnel you can’t do anything with.

That just ain’t our style.

We will be working together for at least six months, because we want time to launch strong and keep refining until you are getting solid results for you.

“Will this work for me?”


That’s why you need to fill out the application.

We’ll review where you’re at in your business, get clear on your goals…

And if we genuinely feel like we can help you, we will walk you through all the details and invite you to partner with us.

Because this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that we pull off the shelf.

“What kind of results are possible?”

Let’s break it down…

Say you’ve got a $3,500 coaching package.

(Feels pricey? Don’t worry. We’ll help you design a high-ticket offer.)

Next, you drop $3,000 on social media ads.

“$3k?! Are you crazy?!”

Stick with me…

That $3k on ads nets you 300 leads.

They RSVP to your live virtual event.

“But I don’t have a live event!”

We’ll help you create one that rocks.

About 90 people show up to the event…

You crush it.

You do your pitch.

And 10% of people book a call with you.

That’s 9 calls booked.

But don’t worry.

Each call only takes 10 minutes…

‘Cuz they already know the details.

And they want in.

So your close rate is 80%.

Which means you land 7 new clients.

And that $3k spent on ads?

It just turned into $24k in revenue.

Netting you $21k profit.

From just 4 hours of work.

That you can do from anywhere in the world.

Do that twice a month and you’re making $40k+ per month.

Or do it three times a month.

Or four.

Or triple your ads budget.

The numbers can get crazy.

“But I can’t coach 7-14+ new clients every month!”

Again, we got you.

We’ll help you implement a new business model.

Plus all the fancy systems.

So you can scale-up your coaching.

And serve dozens of clients.

Without sacrificing one ounce of your transformational value.

So you can 10x your income, your impact, and your freedom…

All at the same time.

Yeah, it’s possible.

See you on the other side.


Russell Breton

Russell has started multiple businesses over his 13-year career as an entrepreneur. More recently, Russell led a multiple 7-figure marketing agency that worked with 200 corporations and small business owners, helping them collectively earn more than $100 million primarily through online marketing channels. Now he helps coaches implement the same online marketing strategies the most successful businesses utilize so they can overcome the barriers holding them back from the income, impact, and freedom they crave.

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